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Workplace Violence 911 Interview

Grab a latte and pull up a chair and join us for a great interview with Marty Britton, President & CEO, Britton Management Profiles Inc.

Marty’s father founded Britton Management Profiles Inc. in 1974. She studied civil engineering and worked as a project manager for a consulting firm for 15 years. Her career was humming along as a project manager before her father became ill in 1994. She stepped in temporarily to assist with the operation of the company because she was on a maternity leave.

She smiled as she said she quickly realized she shared his passion in assisting his clients make great hiring decisions. She reflected as she indicated that was more than 20 years ago!

Marty shared that one of the things she particularly likes about the industry is knowing that she is adding value and making a difference in assisting her clients make quality hires. She noted that she takes great pride in servicing long-term clients and some have even become a part of her extended family!

She added that she has valued being on the NAPBS Canadian Chapter’s Board of Directors and she has gained a better understanding of the industry on a global level. In addition, she said, “I’ve really enjoyed all the people I’ve met in the industry because of my involvement with NAPBS. It’s a wonderful community.”

Turning the conversation to her company Marty said, “Our mission statement has always been to exceed customer expectations. A strong vision will define your culture and our vision is simple; to be the best we can be, to be innovative, flexible, growth-oriented and to have fun!”

She added that a hallmark of their culture is that, “We listen to our clients and whenever they request a new product offering, we try to meet that demand. Some of our newer services include behavioural assessments and social media checks.”

She beamed proudly as she shared that Britton Management was the first reference checking company in Canada having incorporated on December 3, 1974. She noted that it was a much simpler world in those days and that their only product offering at that time was reference checking. They used an investigative approach to reference checking when references were not provided. References talked openly about a candidate in those days because lawsuits were not commonplace.

She leaned forward and shared that her company does not use call centers for reference checking because she believes it is important that one person conduct all the interviews for a candidate.

She added that because of the firm’s strong commitment to servicing their clients, their clients in turn have lifted them beyond just being a Canadian provider to a global level.

I asked her my favorite question about what she sees in the future for the industry. She paused and said, “It is difficult to say, but definitely technology will continue drive the changes in the industry. The development of software that will integrate background screening services to HR platforms will add value.”

Turning back to her personally, she shared she regularly reads business books and had recently read: Traction, Get a Grip on your Business – by Gino Wickman. She also loves to read anything written by Stephen King.

The person she would most like to meet is Steve Jobs, adding that “his passion for perfection and his drive for revolution have always been an inspiration.”

Finally, we closed with her sharing her favorite quote from Albert Einstein, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

Thank you to Marty for a very enlightening and upbeat interview.

Britton Management Profiles can be reached at or directly at 416-286-6668.

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