Regardless of company size or how often our clients engage with our services, every client gets the highest level of personal attention and hands-on expertise. 


“Your staff does an amazing job in turning the background checks around for us so quickly. We really appreciate all of you!”

Tracy Cho-Yee, HR Generalist

“I wanted to reach out and let you know how pleased we are with the service you and your team are providing to us. Your team is knowledgeable, thorough, and very timely in getting back, including when discrepancies arise. The checks are running smoothly (for the most part from what I hear), and completed in a much quicker fashion than we are accustomed to. So thank you again for all that you and your team are doing to help us. It’s very much appreciated!!”
Sü Grant, Senior Director, Head of Talent Acquisition



“I have to say you guys are really amazing. The whole team at Britton is a real pleasure to deal with and I’m thrilled with the speed, follow up and professionalism I see on a regular basis. Kudos to everyone, job well done!”

Michelle McCabe, HR Generalist

“Our division has been using the services of Britton Management for over four years and have been very pleased with their service level, response to questions, turnaround time and commitment to client service. They have also kept us updated on changes in the industry; providing us with literature and information for potential new hires. I would recommend them as a vendor for background and reference checking.”

Shirleen Weekes , Human Resources -Technology Solutions

“I have worked closely with Britton for 11+ years since our company integrated with our US counterpart. They are an asset when trying to make a hiring decision for open sales positions. They have fast service and are always professional and speedy with results.”

Margo Camp, Organizational Development, Sr. Generalist - Manufacturing

“Marty and her team are very professional… their work is dependable, thorough, and they are always extremely accommodating.”

Inta Kusmanis , Executive Assistant - Executive Search Industry



“I have been partnering with Britton for background screening since 2001 and have been more than satisfied with your service. You have been flexible and adapted to our process and offered advice on how to improve it. Your customer service and dedication to your customers is superb!!! It is great to work with a company this reliable. You will have my business for a long time to come.”

Joanne Nigro, Talent Acquisition Manager -- Beverage Manufacturing

“I have had the pleasure of working with Marty Britton for the past two years, during that time I have found her always to be professional, reliable and extremely organized. If she makes a commitment she sticks to it and you just know that whatever she takes on will be done thoroughly and well. With her lovely sense of humour and communication style, practical “get–it–done” approach Marty is a joy to work with.”

Anne Day, Founder and President - Management of Companies & Enterprises


“Britton Management Profiles has assisted us with reference checking at the professional, management and executive level since 2006. They have impressed us with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspires confidence, but generates the results we are looking for! They are extremely cost effective and help improve our recruitment process. I strongly recommend their services.”

Graham Brown, Principal - Human Resources Management Consulting

“I had the pleasure of working with Marty and the team at Britton Management for almost 2 years. The level of service, turn-around times and quality was always top-notch. Knowing that their services were helping in making the right hiring choices and protecting our employees and company was very important.”

Jessica Ash, Compensation and Benefits Analyst.....Technology Solutions


“Marty. A special “thank you” to you and Aeron for expediting this request so effectively and efficiently. We were working against an incredibly tight client deadline and you both stepped up to the plate. Indeed most appreciated.”

Janice Kussner, Partner - Executive Search Industry

“I have worked closely with Britton for 11+ years…They have fast service and are always professional and speedy with results. Well.. that is the Britton Difference!”

Dana Landers, Human Resources Coordinator - Construction Equipment Specialist


“Congratulations on your 40th year in business! Since my time in this position (June 15, 2013) and dealing with Britton Management Profiles Inc., I have found everyone on the staff to be extremely professional, courteous, helpful and very accommodating of our needs, especially when rush background checks were needed. I also appreciate all the help and guidance I was given in working in the system. Thank you.

Iolanda Chalmers, Analyst, Manufacturing/Distributor

Reliable on-time and on-target delivery and reporting.

Mala Cornell, Sr. Consultant, Executive Search (HR)


“Congratulations on your 40th anniversary!” Britton has provided us thorough reports and are always very responsive. It’s a pleasure working with you. All the best.

Kathleen Perry, Executive Search (HR), HR Manager, Manufacturing

“So far I have really enjoyed working with your team.” I have had no issues with the service. I have only had the need to use the reference check service, and have been impressed with the quality.

Indy Sihra-Mankoo, Document Management


“Higher Talent Inc. has worked as an exit interview supplier to BMP for the past three years.” Our experience working with BMP, as a supplier, is that this organization is always very collaborative and upfront. It is a pleasure working with BMP as Marty will ask for our input and relies on our specialty area of expertise to provide the best product/service possible to her clients. I trust BMP completely as a service provider; and would not hesitate to recommend this organization to other prospective suppliers and clients.

Susan Power, Owner & Principal Consultant, HR Consulting/HR Management

“At Baxter we went through a review of potential Vendors to support our employee on-boarding process.” Marty and The Britton team’s response was a combination of a personalized approach, a great understanding of our business and prompt and thorough follow up. We have just started our partnership with Britton expect to continue it for some time.

Alan Birrell, HR Director, Manufacturing (Medical)


“My loyalty to Britton over the past seven years stems from the outstanding level of customer service they provide. Britton are a trusted partner to our business and they are complete and thorough in the checks they conduct for us.”

Joni Poplawski, HR Director, Manufacturing (Medical)/Wholesaler-Distributors

“We have partnered with Britton Management Profiles Inc. as part of our Talent Acquisition Strategy to effectively orient and on-board new employees to our company.”

Marty Britton and the team at Britton Management have listened to our needs, created a customized process for us that is easy to implement for our newly hired employees and simplifies the process for our internal Talent Acquisition team. The Team at Britton is open to feedback and suggestions to continue to improve and streamline the process for our company.

I would highly recommend Britton Management Profiles Inc. and look forward to working with Marty and the Team at Britton Management for many years to come.

Mary-Ann Howe, Human Resources, Manufacturing (Medical)


“Marty Britton has demonstrated the qualities that effective entrepreneurs are known for. She has the energy, insight and vision to drive her organization to significant success. She is a valued member of the Women President’s Organization, respected by her peers and a significant contributor to the organizations’ business roundtable process.”

Peggy Grall, President, Networking

“Congratulations Marty! 40 years is an incredible milestone.” WEConnect Canada has been delighted to have Britton Management as a part of our unique network for three years now. Marty you have impressed me as an engaged, responsive, and dedicated business owner. You are dedicated to not only growing your business but also giving back and supporting others! With such strong business ethics and the foresight to adapt to changing business environments, it is no wonder your company continues to thrive with impressive longevity. Best wishes for continued growth and prosperity!

Betty Wood, Lead Strategist, Networking


“Congratulations on the completion of 40 years!!

I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding service that you and your staff provide. You’ll are very professional, and your work dependable and thorough. We work against incredibly tight client deadlines and you’ll step up to the plate. Indeed most appreciated. You and your team make us look good in front of our clients. Your customer service and dedication to your customers is superb!!! It is great to work with a company this reliable with quality work.

Cheers – wishing you and your great team all the very best!

Sherry D'Costa, Executive Assistant, Executive Search (HR)

Britton Management is our sole external provider of reference checking and employment screening for both domestic and international candidates, has been a valued partner of Amrop Knightsbridge for many years. Responsive to our needs, they ensure that they have a firm grasp of the role and tailor their referencing accordingly while maintaining objectivity. The report quality is excellent, and their online system is terrific for providing users with information during the course of the work. We look forward to many more years of partnering with Marty and her team.

Brad Beveridge, Managing Director, Amrop Knightsbridge


“I just wanted to provide you with some feedback with regards to our service lately and share my appreciation for how quickly the team has been closing our requests.

“We are often in situations where we require these to be completed as quickly as possible to help alleviate short staffing situations and it certainly helps us a great deal when the report comes back in a timely manner.

“Both Patti & Michelle are great to deal with, very thorough and quick to follow up if there are any issues.

Michelle McCabe, CHRP, HR Generalist

Hi Marty, Trust that you’re well and Congratulations for your business Anniversary. The quality of your services has been excellent all these years, your are a prime vendor!


Michel LeBoeuf, Canada Talent Acquisition Leader


“I was really impressed with your service.”

Edward Martin Marchione, President - VMS Solutions

Many thanks, you and your team do an excellent job for us. Thank you!

Kara Biles, Canfor