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At Britton Management Profiles Inc. (BMP), our job is to make sure our clients know who they hire! We provide a full range of pre-employment screening solutions and background checks on a global level. Our clients are more than an account number.  We consider them as key counterparts of our team. We’re passionate in being the pre-employment verification partner that builds a strong team, which delivers success for businesses of various industries – this is why we have secured the trust of our clients over the past four decades. They continue to refer us to other peers and colleagues in confidence.


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Did you know that 78% of candidates misrepresent themselves at some point during the hiring process?
…Society of Human Resource Managers.

As the first reference checking company in Canada, we give the most personalized and customized service in the business

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Reference Checks

This is what we were born to do. Since 1974 we’ve been conducting quality reference checks to ensure our clients know who they are hiring.

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Criminal Checks

A definite staple in our pre-employment screening process that helps identify candidates who may pose a threat to the safety of others.

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Employment Verification

This is an area where we see the greatest misrepresentation of information provided by a candidate. This process helps to minimize discrepancies in work history claims.

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Education Verification

We authenticate all educational accreditations – as these can be falsified – with the proper institutions including diplomas, degrees, certificates and schools attended.

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Built On Integrity, Quality and Timeliness. We Were The First Reference Checking Company in Canada.



At Britton Management Profiles Inc., every client gets the highest level of personal attention and hands-on expertise.

Joanne Nigro

Talent Acquisition Manager:

“I’ve been partnering with Britton for background screening since 2001. It is great to work with a company this reliable. You will have my business for a long time to come.”

Graham Brown


“Britton has assisted us with reference checking at the professional, management and executive level since 2006. They are extremely cost effective and help improve our recruitment process. I strongly recommend their services.”

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