Bad References?

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A Bad Reference Can Sink You!

Marty Britton, of brittonmanagement. com, conducts reference and background checks for companies, and the best reference is someone who can “provide detailed feedback on your work ethic and accomplishments as well as your interpersonal skills, team skills, communication
skills and your relationship building skills.”

Often potential employers will base their hiring decision on the feedback her company gets from references, says Britton. So if in doubt, go without — any reservations about a reference’s feedback, consider not asking them to be your

A reference check examines in part:

  • Your regular attendance and punctuality.
  • Accuracy of the dates of employment and your title on your resumé.
    “Leading the potential employer to believe you were a manager or a team lead when that was not accurate will likely be reflected in the answers we receive from a reference when we ask about your responsibilities in the position, your team skills and how you led a team,” says Britton.
  • Would they rehire you?
    “Even if the reference did not hire you employers are interested in their opinion on if they would like to work with you again or if they would hire you if they had the opportunity,” says Britton.
  • Why you left the company.
    If the answers
    given by references do not reflect what was told to the potential employer there could be a negative outcome, she adds.

Marty can be reach at or directly at 416-286-6668.

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