Did you know that 78% of candidates misrepresent themselves at some point during the hiring process?
…Society of Human Resource Managers.


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Britton Management Profiles Inc. (BMP), trusted pre-employment screening company for over four decades.

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Reference Checks

This is what we were born to do. Since 1974 we’ve been conducting quality reference checks to ensure our clients know who they are hiring.

The team at Britton Profiles has never met your candidate and we have no preconceived ideas.

We do not use call centers and ensure one person conducts all the reference checks for a given candidate. This allows us to listen to what is not being said and provide non biased reference checks to our clients.

Employment Verifications

This is an area where we see the greatest misrepresentation of information provided by a candidate.

We will verify information provided by candidates to confirm their dates of employment, positions held and reasons for leaving and eligibility for rehire.

To be effective, our process requires we go right to the source: previous employer’s HR and Payroll Departments to gain a more accurate profile of a candidate.

It is estimated that approximately 30% of candidates regularly embellish these areas of their employment history.

This process helps to minimize discrepancies in work history claims.

Credit Checks

Checking a candidate’s financial history can uncover irregularities in past payments, information about litigation and bankruptcies as well as collection notices by credit bureaus.

This kind of screening is essential for candidates who will have access to company funds or financial previleges.

Our credit checks are available from a global perspective.

Criminal Background Checks

A definite staple in our pre-employment screening process that helps identify candidates who may pose a threat to the safety of others.

Our Canadian criminal checks include the Enhanced Criminal Check.

Statistics Canada indicates that about 10% of the adult population in Canada has some kind of criminal record. Studies suggest that information on employment applications may be fraudulent or false.


We’ve partnered with an RCMP (CCRTIS) Accredited Fingerprinting Agency in offering fingerprinting services to our clients as part of our criminal record check process.

This will ensure that all applicants being considered for employment are without question cleared of a criminal record.

Professional Designation Verifications

As part of a particular job, candidates may be required to hold specific designations or certifications. BMP verifies these designations with the appropriate organizations to determine honesty and integrity as this information is sometimes overstated or exaggerated by candidates.

As computer graphics programs and scanners become more sophisticated and efficient, forged documents are on the rise.

Education Verifications

We authenticate all educational accreditations – as these can be falsified – with the proper institutions including diplomas, degrees, certificates and schools attended.

This kind of screening uncovers fake diplomas or certificates by confirming information directly from the institution. There has been a rise in diploma “mills” where candidates can buy a degree.

Exit Interviews

When employees leave an organization, human resources professionals know that exit interviews can help reduce hiring costs and minimize employee turnover.

These interviews can promote positive feedback and also uncover hidden issues among employees who are leaving voluntarily.

We help clients to develop customized questions.

Stay Interviews

There are several benefits to developing and maintaining a stay interview program. It builds trust and employee loyalty. When employees see that their employer cares enough to check in and seek ideas from them, it promotes trust of management and loyalty. Employees rarely leave bosses they like and respect.

Social Media Checks

As the use of social media becomes an increasingly important part of our daily lives, we provide our clients with reports based on searches of a candidate’s online publicly-available activity – positive and negative.

Our reports cover LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites as required. Photos/videos, inappropriate comments or illegal activities can all be uncovered through our searches.

Global Sanctions Checks

With security concerns top of mind today, our clients increasingly look to us for our expertise in this area.

We conduct a name only check against the latest lists under the United Nations Suppression and Terrorism Regulations, developed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and modified by the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

This list is currently maintained by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI). Information lists any person or entity associated with, or found to be funding, terrorist activities.

Driver Record Searches

We verify driving records and indicate infractions under highway act legislation.

Information is particularly useful when candidates are required to drive their own vehicle or a company vehicle as part of their job duties.

U.S. & International Background Checks

With our global reach, Britton Management Profiles can provide background checks in many countries.

Our membership in the National Association of Professional Background Screeners Canada demonstrates our commitment to professionalism while staying on top of industry trends. NAPBS Canada is part of NAPBS international. This important affiliation extends our reach to most countries around the world. Marty Britton, President of Britton Management Profiles is a member of the board of directors of NAPBS Canada.


Immunization Tracking

Britton has been tracking a wide range of immunizations for leading pharmaceutical companies for many years and have included Covid-19 vaccinations to that list. We collect vaccination records through our secure system and report the results upon completion. We report whether the candidate declares they are fully vaccinated, have had the booster, partially vaccinated or not vaccinated.

ID & Identity Verification

Identity fraud is an issue many organizations are facing today. With virtual interviews and remote work to continue for the foreseeable future, businesses are making it a priority to have enhanced confidence in the next team member they are hiring.

The Britton eID process confirms that your candidate is who they claim they are.