Supporting businesses and employees continues to be our main goal.

Since 1974, supporting the success of businesses and candidates with our background screening services has always been our mission. Today, we are further empowered to extend our support through a multitude of new services. Why? Because at Britton Management Profiles (BMP), our clients are not just account numbers. We consider them as part of our team. Their success is our success. When they need our help, we take that opportunity to pivot our business and to provide world class solutions resulting in long-term business continuity. 

BMP is going beyond the buzzwords.
We are taking action to ensure your organization obtains business resilience and business continuity. Here's our exciting announcement.
As businesses prepare to reopen, Britton Management Profiles is proud to announce our strategic partnership with a Pandemic Procurement Compliance global leading expert to implement a Reopening and Return to Work Strategy.

Our four pillars for strategic reopening are:

  • Increased supply of PPE in compliance with OHSA

  • Expanded FDA EUA approved testing capacity

  • Robust contact tracing

  • Increased hospital surge capacity

Strategic Consultation

In collaboration with our strategic partner, we have over 25 years of experience in procurement strategy & partnership, contract negotiation, medical advisory services, and technology innovation in the public and private sector. Adapting to the new normal is paramount and our expertise can help ensure your business reopens safely and continues thriving.

Schedule a consultation to determine how we can help your business reopen once, safely and efficiently without compromising time.